Critical Initial Decisions

  • Know that you are at a serious disadvantage when attempting to deal with the DMV, the DA or the judge yourself. You will pay for trying to negotiate with the prosecutor without an attorney. Perhaps most disconcertingly, you will learn that just trying to cooperate and tell the truth to the police or the prosecutor will cost you in the end. Hiring a defense attorney will be money well spent towards the most positive outcome in your case.
  • Do not speak to the police or investigators without an attorney. If it really is in your best interest to speak with them, they can wait until you have contacted your attorney and discussed the situation. In most cases, the police seek to speak with you only in order to build a case against you. Unfortunately, police officers are not always fair, unbiased, or even honest when dealing with someone they suspect of being involved in a crime. These are highly trained, experienced interrogators you are up against. Do not attempt to meet with them without an equally trained and experienced legal advocate.
  • Do not wait! The timeframe with the DMV often starts ticking within one week of your arrest. You could have your license suspended for lengthy period of time if you do not act promptly. Even if your case will not be affected by the DMV, you should still consult an attorney promptly, particularly if charges have not yet been filed.